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Everybody has their own tastes in Christmas ornaments. We have two trees at our house. One is a smaller tree and is filled with ornaments our kids have created over the years. They get to decorate this one all on […]

Steeple Hill is a line of Christian women’s novels published by Harlequin, the great-granddaddy (or grandmother?) of the romance novel industry. When you think of romance novels, you probably think of a buff, hairless, massively pectoral man clutching a lovestruck […]

This blog has been fascinated, appalled, and otherwise dumbfounded in the past by Jesus art, which is rarely inspirational and often inappropriate. Today we have a whole new painting to discuss. Behold: Jesus, the Founding Father of America and He […]

If you are not aware of the simple watercolor-on-paper art of Marc Johns, consider this my daily public service to you. ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— Buy his book, Serious Drawings. It looks like this:

If you’re a regular subscriber to the popular Relevant Podcast produced by my friends at Relevant Magazine, you know that it’s a rambling (and very funny) mishmash of pop culture news, religious musings, warnings about the coming Chimpocalypse, and other […]

Sometimes, because I’m a nerd, I amuse myself by listening to song lyrics and replacing the actual words with other words. What I’ve discovered is that 1) this often makes songs more interesting, and 2) other people do this, too. […]

Did you know that there’s a bit of a kerfuffle brewing among psychologists because images of the famed Rorschach inkblot tests have now been posted on Wikipedia, along with the most common responses for each image? Mental-health professionals, as you […]

A few weeks ago, friend-of-the-Pocket-Guides Bryan Allain asked me to participate in a humor survey he was doing on his blog. Apparently because he needed to fill space between photos of Amish people and stories about eating tacos with Derek […]

I’m pretty sure every writer has this experience. At least, I hope so. You see a book on a shelf, or read about it in a magazine, and think: Wow. THAT is a great book idea. I totally could have […]

I am a designer and occasional artist, but only rarely have I ever resorted to real graffiti. I can’t remember any specific instances, but I’m fairly sure I have left my mark on the occasional bathroom wall. Probably to make […]