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I had the privilege of meeting Leeana Tankersley in April at the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College. We share a publisher in Zondervan, and Leeana was there to sign copies of her debut memoir, Found Art: Discovering […]

Yikes. These scary contests are getting more and more disturbing every time. Splattered brain matter, rotting body cavities, burning corpses, hemorrhoid cream…I’m going to have to put a parental advisory on these things. Still: Well done. Some great stuff here. […]

You people are super creepy. I’ve done the scary story contest before, but last time around, the stories were not nearly as disturbing as yesterday’s entries. Maybe it’s the Fargo-esque quality of the deep snow. Maybe it’s the clautrophobic feel […]

Yesterday we had another fun five-sentence story contest. This one was a bit different from the last one. No scary stories this time, but romance. No weird “Jimmy” rules, either. Instead, I added requirements that entries use the name “Ruby” […]

It’s been a month, so that means it’s time for another contest. For the last contest, I submitted a weird photo and asked you to construct a five-sentence scary story based on it. This time I have located a similarly […]

Yesterday was really inspirational and up-with-peopleish. I’m conflicted about it. Should I do that kind of thing more or less often? While I’m waiting for your answer, I thought this would be a good time to check in with Fake […]

I love Twitter. I’m coming pretty late to the party — as usual (“Hey, have you heard about the iPhone? Quite a contraption!”) — but signed up a couple weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Dear experienced Twitter […]

Two nuggets of interestingness followed by a note about next week: 1. Stephen King. I’ve always been a bit of a controversialist, particularly when it comes to Christian culture and its connection to the horror genre. That’s why, several years […]

There’s another literary scandal unfolding, and this one’s pretty juicy, to mix a delicious metaphor. Margaret B. Jones just released a harrowing memoir called Love and Consequences. It’s about how she, a half-white, half-Native American, ended up in a foster […]