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There’s a section in Pocket Guide to the Bible called “Seven Lesser-Known Bible Stories That Shouldn’t Be Told to Children.” I think of these stories every time our church hands out Bibles to 1st graders, and every time I see […]

Bart Ehrman is the kind of person who fascinates me. Evangelical Christians love conversion stories, but his story goes in the wrong direction. He was raised Episcopalian, then became “born again” in his teens. He headed to Moody Bible Institute […]

When we were expecting our daughter eight years ago and we started looking at options for decorating her nursery, I was struck by something I noticed at the local Christian bookstore. It had a little section devoted to religious nursery […]

Two nuggets of interestingness followed by a note about next week: 1. Stephen King. I’ve always been a bit of a controversialist, particularly when it comes to Christian culture and its connection to the horror genre. That’s why, several years […]

God created Adam and Eve to love him and serve him. He put them in a lovely garden. They failed to follow the one rule he gave them, so he kicked them out and closed down the garden experiment.God chose […]

On October 7, publisher HarperOne is taking a bold new step in Bible publishing: The Green Bible. It’s an environmentally friendly Bible, in terms of its packaging — 10% post-consumer recycled paper, soy-based ink, cotton binding — but that’s not […]

Have you heard of the Wiki Bible project? I hadn’t, until an article in the June 23 issue of Newsweek caught my attention. The project started up in January as a way to assemble “an original, open content translation of […]

Quick vocabulary lesson for you: Hermeneutics is the word theologians and ministers use to describe the study of interpretation of religious texts — in most cases, the Bible. Scot McKnight, one of my favorite New Testament theologians and proprietor of […]

Back to our series on recycled content from Pocket Guide to the Bible. Earlier entries: the King James Version, the Revised Standard Version, the Jerusalem Bible, the New American Bible, The Living Bible, the NIV. Today? The NKJV.The New King […]

Now for Part 6 of our survey of popular biblical translations, in which we turn to the Big One: The NIV. Previously appearing in this series: the King James Version, the Revised Standard Version, the Jerusalem Bible, the New American […]