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Steeple Hill is a line of Christian women’s novels published by Harlequin, the great-granddaddy (or grandmother?) of the romance novel industry. When you think of romance novels, you probably think of a buff, hairless, massively pectoral man clutching a lovestruck […]

Because tomorrow is Halloween, I considered coming up with a list of occupations that hadn’t yet been given the “Sexy ________” costume treatment. For instance, we have sexy nurses, sexy cops, and sexy librarians. But I’ve yet to see a […]

This weekend was a busy but fun one for me. I don’t normally include a lot of personal activities on here that aren’t related to my writing, but thought this would be a good opportunity to pull back the curtain […]

This has been a fun week at Jesus Needs New PR, the blog of my friend (and fellow writer) Matthew Paul Turner. A few years back, he wrote a book called What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Sex […]

So I have a small problem. There were fewer entries yesterday than I’d hoped — I’m pretty sure the stringent caption rules had something to do with this — but those who entered did an excellent job. However, my favorite […]

I want to try something. Thanks to Chris Anderson’s new book, Free — and the controversy it has caused — there has been a lot of discussion around the Web regarding the value of products. Specifically, whether or not it […]

I decided to do something today that I hope will be of interest to you. What is it? I’m not telling until Monday night, when it goes into effect. But I’ll give you a hint. It involves large quantities of […]

One of the public services I try to provide for my readers are timely warnings of potential apocalypse. So it is with a heavy heart that I announced the following: There is a distinct possibility that, in 3.5 billion years, […]

It’s time, dear readers, for another Christian video along the lines of “The Breakfast Song” or “Jesus Is My Friend.” This one is called “Jesus Christ Is Coming.” It’s by a guy named Jim Blackmon. I have no idea who […]

My friend Kevin Hendricks is a fellow freelance writer whom I’ve known for several years. We’ve written for some of the same magazines, commented on each other’s blogs, and followed each other on Twitter for a long time. He’s a […]