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Most of you probably didn’t have this on your calendars or anything, but today marks the launch date of the biggest atheist ad campaign in history. Why do I care? Because I’m in the advertising industry, for one thing. Also […]

Christ Covenant Church in Beaumont, Texas, has been making headlines in recent weeks with a new billboard along Interstate 10. It says “What a bunch of jerks!” then lists the church’s website. According to the pastor, the sign is promoting […]

It’s Tuesday, but I’m still thinking about the Super Bowl ads. I happened to watch Super Bowl 44 at home, with my family, and got to really focus on the ads more than usual. There were a few good ones […]

Say what you will about the current age of advertising, what with all the celebrity sell-outs and general ickiness and our inability to get particular jingles out of our heads. But at least our ads aren’t filled with utterly disturbing […]

It’s probably no surprise to you that I show ads on my blog. This is because I am a greedy, greedy money-changer who couldn’t live without the $4.35 I make each month from Google AdSense. It’s also because I’m part […]

A conversation between two Jasons… ————- Creative Jason: So this is it, huh? You’re selling out, aren’t you? Business Jason: I wouldn’t exactly call it “selling out.” More like “maximizing opportunity.” CJ: Dork. You never could use three syllables when […]

I’m not generally a big Super Bowl watcher. There have been a couple games over the past few years that I didn’t watch at all. Two years ago, my wife and I were in in Las Vegas on Super Bowl […]