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My friend, Steve, sent this to me yesterday about his experience as a gay man growing up in the church. He lives in Berkeley, California. Like Chad’s account on Monday, it’s worth reading: —————- When you’re desperate to fit in, […]

You’ve no doubt seen the rash of news reports about the recent uptick in teenage suicides related to sexual orientation. A recent study found that, in 2009, 9 out of 10 lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered (LGBT) students experienced harassment at school, and nearly […]

Matthew Paul Turner and I became acquainted pretty soon after he published The Christian Culture Survival Guide (complete with a foreword from Stephen Baldwin) and I came out with Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse. Both books were published by Relevant. […]

I want to call your attention to two great blog posts in recent days about doubt. The first comes from Rachel Held Evans, who asks Is doubt a trend? Personally, I’ve been accused of writing O Me of Little Faith […]

If you’ll allow me a day of ridiculously shameless self-promotion, O Me of Little Faith finally got reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly (though as a web exclusive, and not in the print edition): Doubt can play an important role in a […]

Back in March I interviewed Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh about his book Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture. It’s a pretty great book offering a hilarious, honest outsider’s assessment of American Christianity. I recommend […]

Like Oreos and Yo Gabba-Gabba, Sally Lloyd-Jones is beloved by children and their parents alike. If it’s possible for an evangelical children’s writer to be a cult figure, she’s it. Sally is the British-born author of a number of children’s […]