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This will make my third Islam-centric blog post in four days, but I wanted to share one more great news story with you. I hadn’t heard of this until a commenter (Rob the Rev) shared it in response to yesterday’s […]

I don’t mention my hometown very often. Most of my bios just mention that I live in Texas. I don’t hide the fact that I’ve spent my life in Amarillo, my hometown and my current place of residence. But I […]

You know what image from 9/11 sticks with me the most? It’s not the footage of the planes, the burning buildings, the destruction, the ash-covered firefighters, or the chaos of the streets. Yes, I think of those things when I […]

Dr. Robert Cargill and I go back several years (I tell a bit of the story here in his Noah’s Ark debunking interview). I always appreciate his perspective, because he’s got pretty serious credentials as a scientist, a biblical scholar, […]

Several times in my life, I’ve been in social, get-to-know-you situations where a group of us were supposed to tell, as individuals, which person or persons in our lives had influenced us the most. We were supposed to talk about […]

I got to know Shawn Smucker a few months back when he interviewed me for his blog around the time O Me of Little Faith released. Shawn’s a good guy and a fellow writer (he’s written two books) and he’s […]

Last Thursday, in an excerpt from his upcoming book, The Grand Design, world-famous physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking revealed that he no longer believed the universe needed a creator God. “The universe can and will create itself from nothing,” he […]

A few weeks ago, my friend Adam Ellis contributed to the Voices of Doubt series of guest posts here. He’s not the only thoughtful writer in his family, though. Today his wife, Dana, offers her perspective on doubt, uncertainty, and […]

Sometimes, as a writing exercise, I just decide to start writing about an idea and see where it leads. That’s what today’s post is. My tendency is to over-analyze and over-explain when someone asks me complicated questions, especially theological ones. […]

Blogging is good for me. It’s an excellent way to publicize my books. It’s a way to build and sustain a platform of loyal readers. It allows me to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, like encouraging doubters or making […]