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A couple of weeks ago, ordained United Church of Christ minister Michael Dowd spoke at three churches in Oklahoma City. The author of the book Thank God for Evolution, Dowd delivered a talk he called “Thank God for the New […]

Unlike a lot of my Internet friends, I’ve actually met Tyler Clark in person. It wasn’t long after he began working at Relevant Media Group, and I joined the Relevant team for a weekend staff planning retreat in Orlando (I […]

Christian radio host Harold Camping says Jesus is coming back in nine months: May 21, 2011. Then the world will end, according to his calculations, on October 21, 2011. He’s been announcing this on his Family Radio broadcasts for several […]

Yesterday I introduced Justin, the owner of Rapture Orphan Rescue, a new business that, for a fee, will take care of your children should they be left behind after the Rapture. We discussed how he lost his solidly evangelical faith […]

Last week I called your attention to a new online business called Rapture Orphan Rescue. Like Eternal Earthbound Pets but with kids, it promises to care for children who potentially get left behind should their parents get “caught up in […]

I first ran into Rob Stennett around the time his first novel, The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher, released in 2008. He was doing research on the End Times for his satirical rapture novel, 2009’s The End Is Now, […]

There’s a new book out by the pseudonymous “author and former mistress” Holly Hill. The book, a memoir called Sugarbabe, details a season of her life in which she lived as a 24/7 paid executive mistress for several “sugar daddies.” […]

My novelist friend Tess alerted me to a fascinating profile of Ray Bradbury by John Blake at CNN. It talks a bit about Bradbury’s prolific career as a sci-fi novelist and short-story writer, but the primary subject of the piece […]

Here we go again. About a year ago, I learned of an atheist named Bart who was offering a service to Christians: Bart figured he’d be left behind by the rapture, should it actually occur, even though he didn’t believe […]

I was thrilled last week to have been given the chance to write a piece about being a doubting Christian for the Washington Post’s On Faith section, as one of their “Guest Voices.” It was linked from the’s front […]