O Me of Little Faith

I’m excited about a new book called The Outsider Interviews: A New Generation Speaks Out on Christianity, by Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter & Craig Spinks. It’s not just a book, either, but a “DVB” — a book + DVD.

The project contains interviews with non-Christians in Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle about what they think about Christians. The picture they paint isn’t a pretty one, but it’s one the Church needs to hear.

Here’s a preview of the book/DVD:

I have long been an advocate of adopting an outsider’s perspective to look at the Church and Christianity, because what we often view as faithfulness or holiness or “standing against sin” can look a whole lot like hatefulness — or just plan weirdness — to people on the outside. Walking a mile in another person’s shoes can be incredibly helpful, even if it’s sometimes painful. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this book and DVD.

(Thanks to “Friendly Atheist” Hemant Mehta for alerting me to The Outsider Interviews. Hemant is doing a giveaway on his blog if you’re interested. And for what it’s worth, I’m not posting this because the publisher or authors asked me to. In fact, today is the first I’ve heard about this project.)

Learn more about The Outsider Interviews here.


Question of the Day: What are some of the things Christians do, either without thinking or for positive reasons, that can unintentionally garner a negative reaction from the outside world?

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