O Me of Little Faith
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In the 17th century, in response to his support for Copernicanism, the Church condemned Galileo and his heliocentric ideas. Good Christians fought opposed the idea that the sun was at the center of the solar system. Why? Because the Bible […]

I get two kinds of comments about my latest book, O Me of Little Faith. The first is the you-write-like-you’re-in-my-head kind from people who can identify with my doubting and have been living the same spiritual questions. I’m always glad […]

“Let’s be honest for a second.” I hate when I find myself saying that at the start of a conversation. I hate when I begin a sentence, “To be honest.” Because saying it implies that what is about to follow […]

On Tuesday, I mentioned The Outsider Interviews, a book and DVD describing what non-believers think about believers. It was brought to my attention by blogger and author Hemant Mehta, the “Friendly Atheist.” In his post about the book/DVD, he asked […]

I’m excited about a new book called The Outsider Interviews: A New Generation Speaks Out on Christianity, by Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter & Craig Spinks. It’s not just a book, either, but a “DVB” — a book + DVD. The […]

A week ago, the blogosphere began buzzing about a debate that, to be honest, I thought maybe we’d moved beyond. Turns out I was wrong. The whole situation was about whether or not it was OK for Christian moms to […]

Some Christians are excited that, this year, Independence Day is on a Sunday. They will have flags prominently displayed in their sanctuary. They will sing “God Bless America.” Their choirs and orchestras may do a special patriotic presentation. Their pastor […]