O Me of Little Faith

Thanks to all of you who submitted a caption in yesterday’s caption contest. There were some great ones, which made choosing my favorite a fairly difficult task.

A handful of honorable mentions. At one point or another yesterday, I was leaning toward each of these as the winners:

Amazing Grease (Linds)

Now I know what you’re thinking: The thing on the back of that picture
of Jesus looks exactly like a frying pan
(Adam Ellis)

My favorite breakfast? Two eggs over Jesus. (Chuck George)

But I kept coming back to one of the first submissions. It made me laugh when I first read it and it still makes me laugh. Anytime you can combine cartoon violence with the Sermon on the Mount, you deserve recognition.


The winner is Chris Miller:

“And then he said, ‘Turn the other cheek’ so I hit him again.”


So good. Well done, Chris. A free copy of O Me of Little Faith is headed your way.

And just in case you were wondering about the real caption, it’s the second photo in “Unusual Sightings,” an ABCNews slideshow of religious iconography found (or, at least, perceived) in normal stuff.


A 22-year-old British bank worker called it a “miracle” when a
late-night cooking session went awry.
According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Toby Elles decided to make some
bacon, but, presumably droopy after a few beers earlier in the evening,
he took a nap while the food cooked on the stove. When he awoke, he
said, the room was full of smoke. After he scraped the burnt bacon from
the pan, Elles told the Daily Mail he saw the face of Jesus Christ in
the pan.
“If it wasn’t for the smoke it could have been a very bad situation,” he
said. “Perhaps someone’s looking over me.”


Also, perhaps you shouldn’t take a nap while cooking bacon.

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