O Me of Little Faith

A brief confession: I’m knee deep in blog interviews for book promotion. Which are a lot of fun, and completely my own doing, and something for which I am nothing but grateful. But they require a lot of writing, which is preventing from concocting any meaningful blog posts today. My apologies for that. But just you wait until tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are three things to keep you busy:

1. Pastor David Kenney posted a thoughtful (and pastoral) review of O Me of Little Faith. Thank you for the kind words, David.

2. For the last couple of years I’ve recycled a blog post on Earth Day. (Recycled! Yes!) I’m not going to re-post it today, but you can read the original from 2008 here.

3. Tomorrow we return to the much-beloved 5-sentence scary story contest. Which I LOVE. Look for a weird photo to be posted in the morning, along with a few random rules. Get your creativity flowing. You’ll have all weekend to enter. The winner gets a free copy of O Me of Little Faith.

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