O Me of Little Faith

It’s been a long time since the first time I did a “now list.” Which means it’s probably time to do one again.

Feel free to contribute your own list at your blog or in the comments below.

What I was listening to when I began this post:
“Honey, I Been Thinking About You” by Jackie Greene (via Pandora)

What I am drinking right now:
Coffee. Black. Home-brewed Starbucks Sumatra blend.

What I have just finished doing:
Making a play against Bryan Allain in Words with Friends on my iPhone. The word was “Qi.” Which is an alternate spelling for “Chi,” which is the Chinese word for the life force present in all things. The Q was on a triple word score, so it got me 31 points. Scrabble-nerd!

What I will do immediately after posting this:
Finish designing a magazine ad for a local clothing retailer.

What books I am reading now:
Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham (look for an interview with Sarah next week)
The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson Book 3) by Rick Riordan
Hear No Evil, by Matthew Paul Turner

Last email/text I received:
A promotional email from a church video company about Lenten resources. I know. So boring.

Last email/text I sent:
An email to my sister to give her a coupon code.

Last article I read:
Ozzy Does It: The Improbably Persistence of Ozzy Osbourne,” at Slate. True Story: One of the first article I ever wrote for Relevant Magazine was an online recap of the first episode of “The Osbournes.” I thought it was great, but then I never watched another episode.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial from last night:
The Google one. So good. Told a great story while, you know, actually showing how the product works. Perfect. Google wins.

Least favorite Super Bowl commercial from last night:
That “Super Bowl” shuffle remake. Awful.

Biggest Super Bowl commercial loser:
Dockers. Because its “people without pants on” spot aired right after the Casual Friday spot that showed office people in their underwear. Which totally spoiled the whole guys-in-their-underwear vibe for the second spot. Dockers execs have to be sitting around in their tasteful chinos while cursing the advertising gods today.

What I just looked at right now:
The snow outside my window. There has been snow outside my window for about two weeks now.

What I was listening to when I finished this post:
“Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve (via Pandora)

OK. That’s me today. Now it’s your turn.

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