O Me of Little Faith

Feedback time. I’m working on an article assignment for a Christian magazine. (I’m going to keep it nameless right now, because some of the content might end up being anonymous.)

The working title of the article is “What I Wish My Wife Knew About Fatherhood.” It will discuss some of the problems and pressures husbands don’t feel they can honestly communicate with their wives. Things related to parenting, sex, emotions, interests, job struggles, etc.

Here’s an example: “I wish my wife would handle some of the discipline. When our kids keep hearing ‘Just wait until your dad comes home!’ it makes me into the bad guy.”

Instead of just coming up with my own list, but I thought it might work better to make this a community project. Parts of this might be sorta personal, so don’t hesitate to comment anonymously if you want.

Guys, please let me know what you wish your wife knew about being a dad. Wives, feel free to join in the discussion, too. Let’s have a conversation.

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