O Me of Little Faith

On Wednesday I asked for feedback from guys for a magazine article I’m writing. The topic: What I Wish My Wife Knew about Fatherhood. There have been some really insightful things mentioned so far in the comments to that post. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to contribute honestly about some of these issues. It’s very helpful to me personally and pretty eye-opening, I think, for both husbands AND wives.

The piece I’m writing is only from the husband’s perspective, but this is an equal opportunity blog and I know I have plenty of female readers. So to keep things balanced — and because I think this is a fascinating topic — I want to turn the tables today.

Wives, it’s your turn: What do you wish your husband knew about being a mom?

The guys’ comments covered topics from fear/anxiety about child-raising, the struggles of “competitive” parenting, and the delicate dance of who initiates the couple’s sex life. Feel free to comment on any of these issues or bring up something entirely new. Because I am absolutely certain there are things women go through that we guys are completely in the dark about.

Fill us in, please, and let’s have another great discussion. Like the previous post, feel free to comment anonymously if that makes you more comfortable.

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