O Me of Little Faith

Noted listmaker Bryan Allain blogged a list a couple days ago of things he does NOT support, and it was a fun exercise in group dislike. So fun, in fact, that I’m going to steal the idea and bring it back here.


20 Things I Do Not Support

1. Those little blow-in cards in magazines that prohibit you from turning to any page other than the one they occupy, and which seem to be falling out all the live-long day.

2. Ballpoint pens that require angry scribbling before the ink starts to flow.

3. Wine snobbery. I have never tasted anything with an “oaky mouth-feel with hints of chocolate and currant,” and I don’t think anyone else has either.

4. Anything orange-flavored (other than actual oranges).

5. When the yolk breaks when I’m flipping a fried egg.

6. An overreliance on reality shows for entertainment. A sane person is allowed to watch up to two reality shows per week. Mine are “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor.” Any more than two begins killing brain cells.

7. Checkout-line clerks who don’t speak to you. I don’t want to have a conversation or anything, but it’s polite to acknowledge my existence when I say hi to you. After all, you are putting your hands on things I will likely eat. Or wear. That’s a pretty intimate connection for you to just flat-out ignore me, Tammi.

8. Gum on the sidewalk, street, or parking lot.

9. Gum on the bottom of my shoe because you couldn’t walk another 25 feet to drop it in the proper receptacle.

10. Cigarette-butt littering. People who wouldn’t think twice about tossing an empty can out the window seem to have no problem tossing a smoked butt. I’ll never understand this. Those plastic filters don’t exactly scream biodegradable. (But if littered cigarette butts did scream something when they got thrown on the ground? I bet people would toss them less often. Big Tobacco, get to work.)

11. Dads who won’t play with their kids.

12. Those newfangled ads that get around your browser’s pop-up ad blocker because they open within the same browser window, on top of the page, but which are just as annoying as regular pop-up ads because they prevent you from seeing what you’re trying to see. Yes, I’m talking to you,

13. Men’s cologne. I don’t wear it. I don’t like it when I can smell you wearing it, either.

14. Grunters at the gym.

15. Car stereos with thundering bass which I can not only hear outside your car, but inside my car, with the windows up. Buncha noise-polluters, I say. Listen to me say it now, btw, because you’ll be deaf in 10 years and won’t hear me.

16. Taco Villa bean burritos with a hole in the tortilla, causing all the delicious frijoles and sauce to slide out before I can eat it. Grrrr.

17. People who say things like “frijoles” when talking about Mexican food when they could just say “beans” and be done with it.

18. Razor burn on my neck.

19. Guys who wear their ballcaps backwards for no good reason. I don’t have any research to back it up, but I’m pretty sure this temporarily lowers your IQ.

20. Stealing blog ideas from others.


That’s my list. What things do you not support? Spill the frijoles.

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