O Me of Little Faith

I’m appearing on a panel at my church on Saturday night to discuss some of the difficult questions of Christianity. I thought I’d get an early start on preparing for this by asking you to help me with the research.

You guys are smart, opinionated, and thoughtful. So pick one of the questions below — any one you want — and let loose in the comments.


1. Killing/Murder:
The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill.” How does that apply to police officers and/soldiers? Is it OK to kill for peace and/or protection? Are war and killing reconcilable? Updated addition: To what extent do the teachings of Jesus impact your answer?

2. Politics:
Should Christians support politicians who don’t hold their beliefs? What should a Christian do when politicians make policy that seems to move the country away from perceived Christian values? (Note: This is just a general question and not specific to any administration. We won’t be allowed to mention particular names.)

3. Sinlessness:

Is sinlessness possible for a follower of Christ? Can we achieve sinlessness in this life (for a day or an extended period)?


Do you have an opinion on any of these? If so, I want to know.

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