O Me of Little Faith

I’m working on a project and need your help. It’s about Christianity, questions/problems related to it, and reasons why some people don’t buy into it.

I’m looking for feedback from people who are either a) atheists, agnostic, or otherwise non-believers…or… b) Christians who doubt or struggle with their faith. This is not a question for super-strong purpose-driven pillars of faith.

Here’s how you can help. Please leave a comment below and tell me the following:

1. How would you describe yourself? (i.e. atheist, doubting Christian, former believer turned agnostic, spiritual but not necessarily Christian, etc. Whatever’s most accurate.)

2a. If you are in the non-believing camp, why do you not accept Christianity? What prevents you from wanting to be a Christian?

2b. If you are a believer, what are the elements of the Christian faith that give you the most trouble? (possible answers: the Bible, Christian history, conflict with science, hypocritical Christians…that sort of thing.)

Please answer those two questions, and feel free to explain as much or as little as you’d like. If you prefer to post anonymously, no problem.

And since we’ll hopefully have both believers and non-believers sharing the same space, please keep it civil. Thanks!

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