O Me of Little Faith

I posted yesterday about illustrations that made me happy, and I returned Sunday from a fun, relaxing weekend with my extended family in the mountains guess, so I guess I’ve got happiness and quality of life on the mind.

Which is why I wanted to share with you something from writer and pastor Jared Wilson. It’s from a post called “Mind Your Own Business” and comes from his blog, Gospel-Driven Church:


Philip Melancthon once said to his friend Martin Luther, “Today, Martin, you and I will discuss God’s governance of the universe,” to which Luther replied, “No, Philip. Today you and I are going fishing, and we’ll leave the governance of the universe to God.”

I am glad God leaves to us the business of such things as playing with dogs, fishing, skipping rocks, flying kites, watching sunrises, watching sports, swimming in the ocean, drinking beer, making love to our spouses, and making people laugh.

God is good and so is life.


Some days, we need to do more fishing, watching sunrises, and swimming in the ocean. Especially people I know in the ministry. Contrary to popular belief, the world won’t fall apart when we rest.

In related news, I spent about 10 minutes with this elk before sunrise Saturday morning, on a golf course. I was very busy leaving the governance of the universe to God.

Thanks for the reminder, Jared.

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