O Me of Little Faith

If you’re a regular subscriber to the popular Relevant Podcast produced by my friends at Relevant Magazine, you know that it’s a rambling (and very funny) mishmash of pop culture news, religious musings, warnings about the coming Chimpocalypse, and other fun inanity. Or inane funity. One of those.

What you may not know is that I — and the Pocket Guides — get to mastermind a big chunk of this week’s podcast. Instead of a straight-up “tell me about your books” interview, we decided to let me put together a Pocket Guide quiz for Cameron, Maya, Adam, and Tyler. I asked the questions and they attempted to answer them, to everyone’s great amusement.

Questions and topics of discussion in my 25-minute segment include the following:

the disembodied head of St. Denis
how St. Erasmus is like Steven Seagal
jackhammers from the future
Macauley Culkin
killer catfish
predictions of your impending demise
near-death experiences
regular death experiences
demonic influence upon Bible translators
a terrifyingly large peacock head
my life’s purpose

…among other things. Clearly you should listen to it.

Subscribe at iTunes or download/stream it here. There’s about 30 minutes of stuff before I show up, but it’s good stuff. Skip it at your own risk.

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