O Me of Little Faith

Today is officially the release date for my three new Pocket Guide books, although in the publishing industry there’s not always a specific street date (unless you’re crazy big-time like Harry Potter or Twilight). Some stores may have already had my books on the shelves. Some may display them today. Others will get them out over the next few days.

Anyway, in honor of the books’ release, here’s a fake interview with me, by me…but entirely for you:

Interviewer: Hi. You’re looking handsome as always, Jason.

Jason Boyett: Thanks. You’re sweet.

No, I’m not. I’m just regular. Guys don’t like to be called “sweet.” Or “pretty.”

You’re making me uncomfortable with your defensiveness. Can’t we just do the interview?

Fine. So today is the release day for your new books. How does it feel?

Kinda normal. The weird thing about writing a book is that I did all the research and writing more than a year ago. Then a bunch of editing, and checking the layouts, which happened months ago. And I’ve been blogging and talking about the release, like, forever…

You’re telling me.

Shut it. So anyway, once the release date finally hits, it’s a little anticlimactic because of all the work that precedes it.

Are you doing anything special for release day?

Not that I’m aware of. Does this interview count?

No. And I’m the one asking the questions here.


What can your loyal readers do to help?

That’s an excellent question. The first thing they can do is go buy the books. Get them at Amazon, or Borders, or Barnes & Noble, or wherever (there are links in the sidebar at left). If you buy all three from Amazon right now, you qualify for free shipping.

Or, go to an actual real-live bookstore and buy them. I think several B&N stores will have them on display at the front, at the non-fiction new releases table. If you see one there, take a picture of it or tweet it or otherwise let me know. If you can’t find it, ask the sales clerk to find it or special-order it for you.

So basically you’re asking your friends and readers to spend approximately $30 for your benefit.

That’s exactly what I’m asking. I have no shame.

Honestly, you don’t. What else can they do?

They can blog about the books. Tweet about them. Email all their friends about them. Even better, they can review the books on Amazon. A lot of my readers may have pre-ordered the books, and if that’s the case, they’ve received them already. I’d very gratefully ask them to leave a review. Reader reviews are always good (especially positive ones). Even if you read Pocket Guide to the Bible a long time ago, in its first incarnation, go ahead and review the new one. It’s all the same stuff.

Anything else?

I put a new Pocket Guide ad at the top of this page. And if you go to, you’ll see a brand-new home page. It leads here, and to And also to my Twitter and Facebook pages.

What kinds of publicity are you working on?

I’ll show up on a few podcasts fairly soon. I’ve recorded one already and am scheduling others for this week. I’ve got some articles in the works, too. Print and online. I’ll let you know when they hit.

You guest-posted at Stuff Christians Like on Friday, with some stuff about the saints. It was kinda controversial, wasn’t it?

Yes. Surprised me a little, in fact. I posted about how some of the saints might have gone a little too far in their pursuit of holiness — particularly in a few of the more legendary stories. Gouging out their eyes, praying for ugliness, remaining chaste even after marriage. That kind of thing. This made a few of Jon’s Catholic readers a little uncomfortable. I didn’t expect that reaction, to be honest. I thought more people would be more upset because of a glib couple of lines about lust and Megan Fox.

Now I’m upset! Jerk! Lust-monger! Foul temptor!

Sorry. Please forgive me.

OK. All better. Any other guest posts coming up?

Yes. But I’m keeping quiet about them now. I’ll let you know when they hit.

Oooh. Secretive. Me likey.

Never do that again. Never. For the record, anyone who ever says “me likey” is dead to me.

OK. Sorry.

You’re forgiven.

Did you get all the books signed over the weekend?

Yes, I did. Thanks for asking. All are signed and boxed. All that’s left is taking them to the Post Office for shipping. Which is quite a task, let me tell you.

Don’t complain.

I’m not! Don’t boss me. Sheesh.


Pocket Guide to Sainthood
Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
Pocket Guide to the Bible

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