O Me of Little Faith

This has been a fun week at Jesus Needs New PR, the blog of my friend (and fellow writer) Matthew Paul Turner. A few years back, he wrote a book called What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Sex (A Guide to a Touchy Subject). There aren’t too many Christian sex books out there. Especially funny ones.

(However, I must admit: Tim & Beverly LaHaye’s sex book is a real laugh riot.)

MPT worked out a deal with his publisher, NavPress, to offer 200 copies of his book absolutely free to readers of his blog. (Go here to try to get your copy, though the quantity may have run out by the time this posts.)

To promote the giveaway, he christened this week at his blog “Sex Week,” which is just as entertaining as Shark Week — and almost as dangerous (at least in the Christian world). So the week has been stuffed full with Christian commentary and opinions and discussions about sex, including an interview with Rob Bell, a discussion with the owner of the Sensuous Wife (an online sex toy shop designed for Christians — yes, you read that right), and essays and videos about sex from a variety of writers.

It’s definitely an adult-themed week at Matthew’s blog, but one about a subject Christians rarely discuss, and the conversations that have taken place there this week have been thought-provoking and necessary. I recommend browsing through the multitude of posts, as long as you realize the content is very forthright about the topic. If you blush easily, be prepared.

Anyway, MPT asked me to get involved, too, so today he posted something I wrote to bring a little humor to the sexy subject matter. It’s by no means a serious essay about sex or anything like that, but I do offer some advice. Self-promotional shill that I am, it’s advice related to my books. It’s also pretty fun, if I do say so myself.

So hop on over to Jesus Needs New PR, read “Ask the Saintly Sexpert,” and check out all the other stuff. It’ll be fun.

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