O Me of Little Faith

We’ve done some question-and-answer things before on this blog when it comes to writing, and my books, and how my wife and I met. But I thought it might be fun to try it a new way: via video blogging.

So here’s what I have in mind. Today you get to ask any questions you want — about the new books, about my faith, about being a writer, about that suspicious-looking mole on the back of your neck — and I’ll answer them.

The rules for you: You have to ask the questions in the comments to this post. You may ask any question about any topic. It’s all fair game, unless I decide I don’t want to answer your question in a public forum. (So stop thinking of dirty questions.)

The rules for me: I must answer the question without editing the video. So no cuts or fancy stuff. Just my own stream-of-consciousness rambling, even if I totally mess up. If necessary, I can do several videos to keep these at a manageable (i.e. watchable) length.

Cool? OK, go. Ask away. And realize that, if no one asks any questions, the video of me just sitting there staring at the camera is going to be really boring. But don’t think I won’t do it. I will, and you’ll be sorry.

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