O Me of Little Faith

I am a designer and occasional artist, but only rarely have I ever resorted to real graffiti. I can’t remember any specific instances, but I’m fairly sure I have left my mark on the occasional bathroom wall. Probably to make a witty retort to some supposed insult, or to correct the grammar of a dirty limerick.

But if I were an honest-to-goodness graffiti artist, I think my life’s work would revolve around taking a Sharpie into every restroom possible to create this:

A close-up:

The photos above come from a post on Grant Hinkson’s blog more than 18 months ago, which is ancient in Internet terms. And the joke has apparently been around much longer. But ever since I encountered it a month or two ago — along with the inevitable t-shirts and other detritus connected to it — I can’t stop thinking about how perfect and funny this is.

It makes me smile. Every time.

Art really does make life more meaningful, even if it’s guerilla art.

Bacon makes life more meaningful, too.

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