O Me of Little Faith

I’m pretty sure every writer has this experience. At least, I hope so. You see a book on a shelf, or read about it in a magazine, and think: Wow. THAT is a great book idea. I totally could have come up with that. I totally could have written that. Why didn’t I? Why why whyyyyyyy?

And then you lapse into a fit of envy and self-loathing because some other author is finding great success and you wish it were you.

I’m not alone in that, am I? Please say no.

Because I feel that way, on so many levels, about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Quirk Books), by Seth Grahame-Smith and, um, Jane Austen. It’s a retelling of the classic Pride and Prejudice story, in Jane Austenesque language. Only this time there are zombies in it. And now Quirk has released another piece of delightful Austen+Magickal Creatures parody fiction: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, by Ben H. Winters.

Of course, in greatly derivative fashion, I have been brainstorming additional ways to add vicious mayhem to classic literary works (with or without zombies). Had Quirk contacted me, this is where I would have gone…

Of Mice and Men and Mummies (John Steinbeck)

The Old Man and the She-Wolf (Ernest Hemingway)

A Separate Piece of Flesh (John Knowles)

Portrait of the Artist as a Winged Demon (James Joyce)

The Sound and the Fury and Alien Robots (William Faulkner)

The Apes of Wrath: Sasquatch Attack (Steinbeck)

As I Lay Dying of Fear (Faulkner)

Dr. Zhivago and Mr. Hyde (Boris Pasternak)

A Farewell to Arms: Werewolf Summer (Hemingway)

The Guts of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

The Sword in the Neck (T.H. White)

The Power and the Glory and the Robot Apocalypse (Graham Greene)


How about you? Give me your ideas for a literary/monster mashup…

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