O Me of Little Faith

You know how, when people are interviewed on TV, it’s always with them looking to the side of the camera, presumably at an off-screen interviewer?

That’s what the video below is.

Only I’ll let you in on a little secret. There wasn’t really an interviewer there. And there wasn’t a lead-in question either. And it’s not really a camera, unless you count the built-in camera on my iMac as a “camera.” In other words, it’s a completely fake interview I conducted with myself, about my own books, using shoddy production techniques.

Why? 1) Because I was tired of looking at the camera and talking about myself, thanks to this post and this post. 2) Because there was a squirrel scampering in an amusing manner outside my window. 3) Because that’s how the professionals do it. And if I am anything, it’s professional. (As evidenced by the elegant lighting, the opening graphics, and the high-quality theme song.)


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