O Me of Little Faith

It’s probably no surprise to you that I show ads on my blog. This is because I am a greedy, greedy money-changer who couldn’t live without the $4.35 I make each month from Google AdSense. It’s also because I’m part of the Guideposts Blog Network and showing ads is part of our agreement.

What IS a surprise is one of the ads that showed up the other day in the sidebar when I pulled up the blog to check the layout of a recent post.

Here it is, courtesy of AdSense:

Recognize that hot Christian single? Yep, it’s Kris Allen, the newest winner of American Idol. He’s a real-life worship leader (at least, he used to be) and a professing Christian. So that fits with the ad. What he’s NOT is single. At all. On account of how he’s famously the first married person to win. He’s been married since last September.

I’m no relationship expert, but I’m pretty sure this disqualifies him from being the face of a “Find Christian Singles” ad.

How did I know it was Kris Allen? Because I have an eagle eye. Also because, um, I found the exact same photo somewhere else:

Please forgive me, single Christian ladies, for getting your hopes up. Can’t put a ring on this one.

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