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Good news! After offering yesterday to give away a copy of the book As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda, I got an email from my friends at Zondervan, the book’s publisher (and the publisher of my upcoming book about doubt). They offered a few more giveaway copies, so the good news is that now instead of one free copy, I have four to give away. Four winners.

I wrote the names of all the commenters on little pieces of paper, then wadded up the papers and dropped the whole bunch into the orange cap of a can of Elmer’s spray adhesive. (Yes, spray adhesive. Because it was convenient.) Five of the papers landed in the cap. Four of the papers fell outside the cap. Those four outsiders get a free copy of the book from Zondervan.

(Admittedly, this is an unconventional way of choosing names at random, but I don’t care. No one was around to draw names from a hat. Also, I couldn’t find a hat.)

Anyway, the following commenters won:

1. Aaron
2. Raynee’
3. Destiny
4. David Peck

If you guys will email me your mailing addresses, I’ll send them on to Zondervan and you’ll get your book.

However, there’s a catch. In the words of my friends at the big Z, I need to make you book recipients “earn” your gift. So once you receive a copy of the book, you have an obligation: to spread the word. Blog about the book, tweet it, review it on Amazon, share it with your small group, whatever. As a writer, I’d suggest starting with an Amazon review and then going from there. Amazon reviews are like gold for authors.


Thanks to Zondervan for ponying up the extra books, and thanks to Catherine Claire Larson (at right) for such a thought-provoking book.

Read a sample chapter of As We Forgive.
Read more about As We Forgive.
Listen to Catherine’s interview on Steve Brown’s radio show.

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