O Me of Little Faith

Thanks to all of you who entered yesterday’s Slate-inspired contest. Lots of great entries and, well, a few ruined childhood memories.

Here are my the honorable mentions, which don’t win anything but which I liked anyway and wanted to acknowledge.

Hungry Hungry Hippos: Fleshfeast
I doubt I’ll ever enjoy chomping marbles in this game again. Thanks for THAT, Matt. Horrifying.

Hula Hoop the Movie: Curse of the Devil’s Ring
Funny, evocative title. Sounds scary, but also sounds like a religious movie. So I doubt it would be a very good film for that reason. But anyway, nice title. Good job, T-Bone.

Tinker Toys: Round Peg, Round Hole, and the Rise of Mephisto
The title is too long, Bryan, and when I first read it I thought you might be headed to Smutville. But I was thrilled that you connected Tinker Toys and “the Rise of Mephisto” in a title. A fun surprise.

The Teddy Ruxpin Story: A Thug’s Life
Another surprising connection. I immediately pictured a cut, shirtless Teddy Ruxpin with a Tupac-style stomach tattoo. Thus destroying my last vestige of childhood innocence. Thank you, Nick.

This one gets mentioned for its creative tagline:
The (adjective) (noun) (body part) movie of all time!

If this were a fake tagline contest, Dan, you would have won.


But the winning submission was able to both surprise and entertain while remaining a believable movie title. It’s brief (only four words!), explanatory, and funny. That it also evoked a real movie was a bonus. Also it’s weird, which earns extra points around these parts.

Congratulations, Chase. You win for:

Chia: An Inconvenient Pet

Nice job. Hit me up with your shipping address and book request and I’ll get something shipped out to you.

Thanks everyone for participating. Now you should go submit your entries to Slate.

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