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O Me of Little Faith
June 2009 Archives

It’s been a month, so that means it’s time for another contest. For the last contest, I submitted a weird photo and asked you to construct a five-sentence scary story based on it. This time I have located a similarly […]

One of the public services I try to provide for my readers are timely warnings of potential apocalypse. So it is with a heavy heart that I announced the following: There is a distinct possibility that, in 3.5 billion years, […]

You might recall that, back in April, I teased a review of Bart Ehrman’s new book, Jesus, Interrupted. As an author of a book about the Bible and an armchair student of theology and biblical studies, I’m pretty fascinated by […]

One of the things I discovered in the process of writing Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse was that Jehovah’s Witness leaders have predicted the end of the world approximately eight bazillion times. And have been proven wrong each time when, […]

The June 8, 2009, issue of Publisher’s Weekly features a review of Pocket Guide to the Afterlife…and (holding my breath) it’s a good review! Here it is: ————— Pocket Guide to the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell and Other Ultimate Destinations Jason […]

It’s June, which means only two months-ish before the next three books in my Pocket Guide series release. I’ve been wondering how to continue to tease them to keep you interested until that date, and had an idea. What if […]

Good news! After offering yesterday to give away a copy of the book As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda, I got an email from my friends at Zondervan, the book’s publisher (and the publisher of my upcoming book […]

You may have seen the award-winning documentary “As We Forgive” featured on PBS this month. It’s a heartbreaking but hopeful look at the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide — where a million people were slaughtered in 100 days — […]

Take a group of 100 young adults, under the age of 30. Put them in a room, and ask them how they feel about Church. The Church. Church with a capital-C. Here’s what you’ll learn: • 46 of these young […]

Today is June 1. That’s big news, I know, but I was thinking this morning how much I’ve come to love the summertime and thought I’d make a list. Because I like lists, and so does this blog. Five Reasons […]