O Me of Little Faith

Admission: I am stealing this directly from Slate. But do I care? No. Do you care? Probably not. So here goes:

The summer blockbuster film, opening this weekend, is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is the sequel to the first movie, which itself was based on a line of toys. Which sounds pretty lame, idea-wise, if you ask me. Which is also probably why they cast Megan Fox in it.

But I know you people. You can be a whole lot lamer than that. So here’s the contest idea: Come up with your own movie title based on a toy. Tomorrow at noon Central I will pick my favorite entry and you get a free signed book from the Jason Boyett library. ANY Jason Boyett book, except for Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse because I am out of my personal stock of those titles right now. (Sorry.)

You can submit as many times as you want, but each submission must be a separate comment to this post. Because that makes it easier for me to collect them.


Here are some of my own ideas to help you get started:

Wooden Blocks: Revenge of the Rogue Splinter

Strawberry Shortcake: Street Justice, Part 2

Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Returns


Ready? Go!

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