O Me of Little Faith

One of the things I discovered in the process of writing Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse was that Jehovah’s Witness leaders have predicted the end of the world approximately eight bazillion times. And have been proven wrong each time when, you know, the world didn’t end.

One time, after investing a whole lot of resources to predict the return of Christ in 1914 — but after which nothing really happened — they explained the non-event by saying that Jesus had, in fact, returned. Only he did so invisibly. Which is why no one noticed, right?

I explain this only because it helps in introducing this brilliant cartoon. Apparently its purpose is to scare Christians away from those crazy Jehovah’s Witnesses by implying not only that they aren’t too good at prophecy, but that they believe in a Jesus who:

1. Is the archangel Michael in another form.

2. Is way ripped. (Check out the crucifixion sequence.)

3. Can fly, Superman-style but without a cape.

4. Flings comet-like fireballs at earth, horrifying citizens and destroying major metropolitan areas in a flaming apocalypse.

Awesome. (Unless it’s true.)

[H/T: Matthew Paul Turner]

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