O Me of Little Faith

You were probably thinking, What are Jason’s views on a variety of unrelated subjects? Good news: You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of my current recommendations, in no particular order.

Things I Recommend

Scott Orr’s new album, Ghost Party, is excellent. If you like singer/songwriter types with a sorta countrified flair — like Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams before he got all glam and New Yorkey — then I recommend Scott Orr to you. Plus: he’s Canadian!

I recommend ending a sentence with “Plus: he’s Canadian!” at least twice a week. If only to confront your xenophobia head-on.

If you can knit your own socks, I recommend doing so. Just because I’ve always wanted to be playing, say, a game of Twister, and the person next to me saying, “Dude, nice socks,” and replying to him, “Thanks. I knitted them myself.”

I recommend the barbacoa burrito at Sharkey’s in Amarillo. Sweet salty meats! that is some good stuff.

I recommend “sweet salty meats” of all types, particularly the hickory-smoked variety, unless you have high blood pressure. You should have lean chicken.

I recommend vegetarians ignore the two recommendations above.

This is a good 6-minute video by Matthew Paul Turner, about questioning God. I recommend watching it.

I recommend you wear a shirt, overweight sunburned man at the swimming pool. I also recommend you have that mole checked out by a dermatologist.

I recommend Bryan Allain’s blog and Twitter feed, because they are consistently funny. Dude can write a one-liner. Dude also lives among a bunch of Amish folk.

I recommend not beginning too many sentences with “Dude.” Unless you are Keanu Reeves and this is your hook.

Burn Notice” is one of my favorite summer television series. I recommend watching it, and pretending that Michael Weston is the overachieving but morally ambivalent son of MacGyver.

I recommend you not send me a text message, as it costs me $.20. A dime to receive it, and another dime to text you back to tell you to “stp txtng me, jrk.” But I’m sorta behind the times when it comes to mobile phones.

I recommend you stop making fun of my phone difficiencies, iPhone snobs.

I recommend pre-ordering my new books, if you want to play an important role in my Pocket Guide World Domination Scheme (patent pending).

I recommend you contribute to this list by making your own recommendations in the comments.

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