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You meet some interesting people on Twitter. One of them I’ve met recently is Nadine Bells, who lives in Canada and is a media subtitler — she’s one of the people who transcribes dialogue (and other stuff) on television shows […]

You might think I rely too much on my friend Shuey to give me ideas for blog posts. You are probably right. But he doesn’t have a blog of his own — he should! — so he psuedo-blogs by living […]

So as of yesterday, there were 1516 confirmed swine flu cases world-wide, 642 cases in the United States, and two deaths. (Both deaths were in Texas, and both victims also had “underlying health problems” in addition to the swine flu.) […]

Apropros of nothing, I would like to submit in this post three reasons why I really like Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the African choral group: 1. When I hear them I think of Paul Simon’s Graceland, which pretty much introduced LBM […]

I’m not sure if this will work or not. But it seems interesting to me, and I’m hoping it’ll be interesting to you as well. In the process of writing a book, most writers end up writing far more than […]

There’s a section in Pocket Guide to the Bible called “Seven Lesser-Known Bible Stories That Shouldn’t Be Told to Children.” I think of these stories every time our church hands out Bibles to 1st graders, and every time I see […]