O Me of Little Faith

You might think I rely too much on my friend Shuey to give me ideas for blog posts. You are probably right. But he doesn’t have a blog of his own — he should! — so he psuedo-blogs by living vicariously through me. Also through Donny Most. But mainly through me.

Anyway, today he alerted me (via BuzzFeed) to this Flickr series by Chris McVeigh. I cannot describe my fascination with this photo set. Apparently McVeigh likes to:

1) befriend chipmunks

only to

2) pose them with Star Wars figures


3) take pictures of them

I personally think this is a brilliant use of both chipmunks and classic space toys. I wish I had thought of it. I will likely spend the rest of the day trying to think of something similar, yet equally creative. Lizards and Legos? Cockroaches and Littlest Pet Shop bobbleheads? The possibilities are endless.


(Photos from PowerPig.)

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