O Me of Little Faith

Some of you are more disturbed than I am. Lots of good entries in yesterday’s not-very-inspiring “inspirational kitten” caption contest. Lots of entries that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Of the good entries, I couldn’t pick a favorite, so I picked three. If you three winners will email me a mailing address, I’ll get your signed copies of Pocket Guide to the Bible in the mail.

For the sake of over-achievement, I have taken the liberty of turning these photos and captions into posters. Enjoy.


From Cameron Reeves (who, it should be noted, is a pastor):

From BrianinBC (who came up with one I might have thought of but probably wouldn’t have submitted):

And from Cheri-Beri (a home-schooling mom and boy am I glad she didn’t come up with the woodchipper one):


Congratulations, Cameron, Brian, and Cheri-Beri! Get in touch.

To the rest of you kitties who didn’t win, hang in there. And if you really, really want a copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible, it’s only $6.99. Click the button on the sidebar.

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