O Me of Little Faith

We’ve arrived on almost-final artwork for the covers of my new Pocket Guide books, which are scheduled to release around late July/early August this year. As someone who makes his living as both a writer and designer, I’m pretty picky about cover art — if the Jossey-Bass crew is reading this, they’re probably groaning and rolling their eyes at each other right now — but I like these covers and am excited for the books to release.

We’re in the middle of final copyedits to the manuscripts. After that we’ll transition into the production stage, with the manuscript being typeset and placed in the actual page layout. Which means it’ll stop looking like a Word document and start looking like a book. Always a big step.

In other news, I emailed the finished manuscript for O Me of Little Faith to Zondervan last night. Is that you cheering? I think it is. Only it occurs to me that you might be cheering because this blog post isn’t about pants.

Anyhow…new Pocket Guide covers:

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