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In honor of today, here’s a little background information about Valentine’s Day from my upcoming book, Pocket Guide to Sainthood. It releases this summer from Jossey-Bass, and conveniently, it contains a little section about the original St. Valentine. Enjoy. St. […]

In honor of tomorrow, Boundless has republished an old article of mine about Valentine’s Day, and why I don’t much like the obligatory romance aspect of it. It’s called “Three Rules of Romance.” Here’s a sample: Well, kids, it’s Valentine’s […]

As I’ve said before, one benefit of being a writer is you get to interview some interesting people from time to time. A couple months ago I interviewed Dan Merchant, the writer/director/producer/star of Lord, Save Us from Your Followers, a […]

Yesterday’s quiz was an exceedingly tricky one, I’ll admit. I even got confused a time or two and had to go back and check my notes and/or Google. Anyway, here are the answers, along with additional information or context. Jonathan […]

Like any good Christian and/or student of American Literature, I’ve always been both fascinated and slightly appalled at the great Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards. On one hand, he was (and remains) profoundly influential on western theology, especially the more Calvinistic […]

You may recall that I finished my last manuscript of 2008 right before Christmas. It’s called O Me of Little Faith and is a book for Zondervan about my personal struggles with faith and doubt. I haven’t yet turned it […]

I don’t know if you’ve seen this Coldplay video or not, but it’s become one of my favorites. Any time you combine British pop, a hammered dulcimer musical intro, puppets, enthralled children, pyrotechnics and tiny drumsticks…well, I can’t look away. […]

For several years, it seems — OK, really just a month or so — I’ve been resisting the “25 Random Things About Me” thing on Facebook, though I’ve been tagged a bunch of times. I don’t like doing much on […]

The Collide/Pocket Guide Giveaway is still going strong (get a free copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible with your subscription) and today I needed to ship out another box of signed books to the Collide team. So last night […]

I’m a pretty easy going guy, but one thing that almost always annoys me to the point of mutually assured destruction is a rude Christian. That phrase should be an oxymoron. But sadly, I know a lot of believers who […]