O Me of Little Faith

In honor of tomorrow, Boundless has republished an old article of mine about Valentine’s Day, and why I don’t much like the obligatory romance aspect of it. It’s called “Three Rules of Romance.” Here’s a sample:

Well, kids, it’s Valentine’s Day. Wheee. I like Valentine’s Day about as much as I like regular teeth-cleanings or paying taxes. Which is to say: very little. But I do my duty in regard to these things, because failing to do so will get me into trouble.

Now, the first thing you should know is that I’m not, generally speaking, a thoughtless jerk. On pages that look pretty similar to this one, I’ve argued that chivalry and gentlemanliness may look different today than it used to, but it’s no less important. I also admit to having been married now for several years. And that combination of qualities — being gentlemanly and being married — carries certain requirements. It’s a short list… (read the rest)


Regardless of my curmudgeonry, I hope you and your loved one(s) have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

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