O Me of Little Faith

There are five questions you probably wouldn’t think to ask me today. But that’s OK, because I’ll answer them anyway.


1. Why is today special?

Today is special because my son, Owen, turns six today. Here’s picture of Owen now:

And here’s a picture of him on this day last year, when he turned 5:

Kids sure can change in a year. Happy birthday, Owen!


2. What else are you celebrating today?

I am celebrating the fact that noted theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking — the author of A Brief History of Time and someone I use for a key illustration in the first chapter of my doubt book — has announced that he thinks we’re probably not alone in the universe. There is some form of alien life out there, he says, but we should be careful in looking for it. Why? Because there’s no guarantee it will be carbon-based, and it very well could destroy us because its DNA might be so different from ours. “Watch out if you would meet an alien,” he told an audience on the 50th anniversary of the NASA space program. “You could be infected with a disease with which you have no resistance.”

Good words to live by this Friday.


3. What song was in your head when you woke up on Tuesday that still is in your head today, but instead of being annoyed about it you’re kinda happy?

It was the “Morning’s Here” song from Joey’s outdoor neighbor on Friends.

Morning’s here! Morning is here. Sunshine is here…the sky is clear. Morning’s here…get into gear! Breakfast is near. The dark of night has disappeared!

If you don’t know this song, you should learn it. This short clip will help:


4.What is one more link you think we will enjoy today?

Here’s one. Want to save on toner or ink cartridges for regular, non-important printing at home? A Dutch company called Spranq has developed a font that uses 20% less ink or toner to print. That’s because it has small holes in it. Perfect for at-home printing. Also? It looks cool. You can download Spranq Ecofont for free right here. Small steps.

[H/T: Coolhunting]


5. What is one completely made-up word you have been thinking of, inexplicably, since first seeing it used on Tuesday?

That word is cannarf. It’s the main measurement of the also made-up “Cannarf Rating System” developed by our friend Bryan Allain. Cannarfs are surprisingly handy tools for rating things, and cannarf is fun to say. It’s a double-winner. And like “Morning’s Here,” I can’t get the word out of my head.

Good job, Bryan.


What questions are you not being asked today, but you want to answer anyway?

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