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Speaking of uncomfortable-looking photography — which I was doing yesterday — I recently posed awkwardly for some publicity photos. My good friend Kyle Trafton of Trafton Photography (whom I’ve known since he was, like, five years old) did a photo […]

I’m not much of a people person, which is why I’ve chosen to pursue a career in writing instead of, say, a career in clowning or massage therapy or cosmetology. I’ll “speak” to anyone via email or Twitter or IM, […]

It occurred to me last night, with the much-hyped premiere of another season of “American Idol,” that I still have never watched a full episode of it. I’ve seen a couple of clips, of course, and I caught part of […]

Self-debasement time. One of my resolutions for 2009 was to finish four paintings this year. I haven’t talked much on the blog about my painting hobby, but I’m thinking maybe now is a good time to do so. Why? Because […]

A few months ago I interviewed an interesting guy for an article about reducing waste, scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of Christian Single. His name is Dave Chameides, and instead of throwing away his trash in 2008, he […]

There are five questions you probably wouldn’t think to ask me today. But that’s OK, because I’ll answer them anyway. —————-1. Why is today special? Today is special because my son, Owen, turns six today. Here’s picture of Owen now: […]

Yesterday was really inspirational and up-with-peopleish. I’m conflicted about it. Should I do that kind of thing more or less often? While I’m waiting for your answer, I thought this would be a good time to check in with Fake […]

Yesterday I was reading comments to my resolutions post and looking over the resolutions themselves, and was kinda surprised (which is weird, me being the author and everything) how many of them were fitness-related. I’ve always been pretty active, but […]

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who divide people into arbitrary categories and those who don’t. Wait, that’s not how I intended to start this. Let me try again. There are two kinds of people in […]

I’m back. I’ve missed you, blog. I’ve missed you, too, blog readers. But as the great Roman poet Ovid once wrote, “What is without periods of rest will not endure.” Random fact related to Ovid #1: Ovid is generally ranked […]