O Me of Little Faith

A couple of days ago I linked to an article I wrote for Collide Magazine, an excellent and growing publication about the collision of religion and media. I think Collide is doing a lot of things right. It’s well-designed, it’s thoughtful, it’s aiming at a solid demographic, and — this is important to me but probably seems selfish to some — it treats its writers very well.

To put succinctly, I like Collide a lot and am impressed with the magazine. That’s why I’m happy to announce that they’ve just introduced a new promotion involving Pocket Guide to the Bible. For a limited time, if you subscribe now, you’ll receive a free, signed copy of my last book. A one-year print subscription is $14.95, which is a very reasonable price considering you’ll get six issues of the magazine and an fun, entertaining book (if I do say so myself…and I do) signed with scrawling penmanship by yours truly. Also you’ll get to read occasional stuff I write for the magazine.

So that’s my pitch. If you haven’t bought my book yet from me, get it from Collide with your paid subscription. Here’s where you can sign up.


Now, for other some thoughts:

1. Battlestar Galactica returned last weekend for its final half-season. Do any of you nerds watch it? Because I do. I wear the BSG Nerd label proudly.

2. Lost returns tonight. With BSG and yesterday’s Inauguration and now Lost, this week is like a perfect storm for pop culture nerds. What do you expect this season? Any clues?

3. Have you heard about Australia’s “Best Job In the World” promotion? It involves, apparently, lots of hanging out at the beach and blogging. And a real, live salary to do so. Anyone planning to apply? I seriously thought about it, and definitely would have were I single. Not so sure it would work with a family, though. If you haven’t yet applied, get after it. Applications close in a month.

That’s it for today. Happy Wednesday.

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