O Me of Little Faith

Well, it’s official: I like twittering as Fake Jason Boyett far more than as the real Jason. After only 24 hours of existence, the fake me has more than half as many followers as the real me and will likely surpass the real me in tweets within a couple of days. And the real Jason has been on Twitter for several weeks.

This is way too much fun. I’m having to force myself not to update Fake Jason every few minutes, and my inability to keep my brain from thinking of weird, random fake updates is keeping me from the real writing I need to do today. I mentioned the idea to my wife last night, and told her I had just embarked on the most creative and fun thing I’d ever done online. That may not be hyperbole. I think I’ve found my calling.

In related news, I am a huge, huge nerd.


A few sample tweets from the Fake, then it’s back to work:

Starting my new novel. Quick description? It’s “Twilight” meets “Purpose-Driven Life.” But with an unreliable narrator.

There’s no use giving tiny toothpicks to squirrels and expecting them to use them like swords. They just don’t have the dexterity.

Mixing up my patented Eggs Benedict protein shake out of ham, eggs & hollandaise sauce prior to my daily 6-mile run. Will it blend? Yes.

If I could go back in time to witness the birth of one invention that changed the world forever, it would be the Trapper-Keeper.

At Everest Base Camp, contemplating a climb during this break in the weather. Out of breath due to a tickle fight with Dorjie Sherpa.

(At the risk of being too self-congratulatory — too late! — I actually laughed out loud while writing that last one.)


If you’re not on Twitter, you can get the FakeJasonBoyett rss feed here.

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