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December 2008 Archives

I have long had a theory that, again, has proven to be accurate due to recent events. Please consider the following photos and see if you can guess the connection: Rod Blagojevich (left): Current Illinois governor who was just arrested […]

My friend and blogging superstar Bryan had a great idea for a blog post — the “confession booth” — so I’m gonna flat-out steal it from him and do the exact same thing. Only I hope our list will be […]

Here’s something cool. New York photographer Richard Howe spent most of 2006 taking photos of every corner of every intersection in Manhattan to capture everyday life at street level. In his words, the photos represent “what people were doing on […]

Well, it’s official: I like twittering as Fake Jason Boyett far more than as the real Jason. After only 24 hours of existence, the fake me has more than half as many followers as the real me and will likely […]

I love Twitter. I’m coming pretty late to the party — as usual (“Hey, have you heard about the iPhone? Quite a contraption!”) — but signed up a couple weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Dear experienced Twitter […]

A conversation between two Jasons… ————- Creative Jason: So this is it, huh? You’re selling out, aren’t you? Business Jason: I wouldn’t exactly call it “selling out.” More like “maximizing opportunity.” CJ: Dork. You never could use three syllables when […]

There are some photos that are so jaw-droppingly weird, they don’t really require commentary. But I’m a writer and I can’t help it. Must…be…snarky. Molly and her poodle, Skipper, thought it was just a harmless, pretty peacock they saw in […]

Last January, I decided to post my New Year’s Resolutions here at the blog. That may or may not have been a good idea, but in the spirit of honesty and self-promotion and too much information — which is what […]