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Yesterday’s post was pretty serious, so let’s lighten it up today with a more frivolous topic and a borderline case of TMI. Bryan — bless his little Yankee heart — challenged me with another edition of How I Roll. I […]

If you have a chance, watch this video from Keith Olbermann a couple nights ago. It’s a commentary on last week’s passage of Proposition 8 in California, which rescinded the controversial right of same-sex couples to get married. I don’t […]

Today is Veteran’s Day. The veterans in my family include my wife’s grandparents (Eddie & Sunny Storseth), both of whom served as officers in the Navy; my maternal grandfather, John E. Brown, who served in the military police for the […]

Happy Monday. I’ve done something like this before, but I figured it would be a good time to run with it again. What I’m doing right now: Biding time while compressing a video in iMovie. Day job stuff. What I […]

This is an old video in YouTube years — and you’ve probably seen it — but it’s worth re-watching, just as a reminder about why you will never look as pretty as the models on billboards and magazine covers. Not […]

Click here for the hi-res version. [H/T: 22 Words] Kinda puts this week in perspective, huh? Moberg, an illustrator, Vimeo employee and famous blogger due to his illustrated online search for the girl of his dreams, is thinking about making […]

So I just now got around to assembling the prize for winning last week’s Jason + Tank caption contest. Long-time reader (and Washington state math teacher) Travis Thompson won with his RISK-savvy, Kamchatka shouting-out submission. He wins the never-before-assembled Pocket […]

Whether or not you like Obama’s politics, or whether or not you think he’s a socialist or a godless liberal, or whether or not you suspect he may be a deep-cover Muslim renegade out to destroy the very fabric of […]

After an endless campaign season, it’s finally time to vote. Go do it, then come back here and report on your experience. + Did you vote early or wait until today? + Where did you vote? + Heavy turnout or […]

Hey, everyone. Thanks for minding the fort while I was gone. My wife, Aimee, and I enjoyed a week-long, no-kids Caribbean cruise with a few of our best friends. Had a great time. It looked a lot like this: And […]