O Me of Little Faith

There’s a really interesting thread going over at Internet Monk about “the de-churching of America.” Lots of religious researchers are beginning to see evidence that my generation — people in their 20s and 30s — are dropping out of institutional church attendance…but not necessarily dropping out of the faith.

They still believe, but maybe they’re tired of the corporate/country-club mindset, or of being asked for money, or of the reduction of the Gospel message to a 5-step “How to Be a Better You” sermon.

Anyway, the comments below the iMonk post are pretty interesting. Feel free to add your two cents there if you want, but I’d also invite you to comment here. I’m interested in your experience. Are you still involved in regular church attendance? How often do you attend? If you no longer attend, what are the circumstances or thoughts behind that decision? Obviously this will be anecdotal, but have you seen evidence of younger generations dropping out of church?

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