O Me of Little Faith

I have to confess something. As mentioned last week, my wife and I are currently out of the country on a vacation. Our kids are at home with their grandparents. And we made them promise three things to us while we were gone:

1. Be nice and polite and loving to each other while we’re gone.

2. Be nice and obedient and loving to Grammie and Granddad while we’re gone.

3. Under no circumstances — not if your grandparents offer, not if your friends invite you, and not even if Troy and Gabriella actually show up at your door offering to sing and dance in the backyard — are you to go see the theatrical release of High School Musical 3 without us.

High School Musical 3 opens today nationwide.

Because we have been looking forward to it ever since everyone jumped into the pool at the end of HSM2. We’re all in this together, kids — even if Mom and Dad are somewhere in the eastern Caribbean — so you’d better save your long-awaited viewing until we get home.

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