O Me of Little Faith

On Friday, a few of you submitted fake book titles using “nounjectives” in the style of Matthew Paul Turner‘s new book, Churched. I promised a free signed copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible to the winner. I have my favorite, but I’m gonna let you vote. Polls close at midnight tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/14), so if you’re in the running — and you want a free book — send your friends this way.

Here are the full titles of the contestants:

+ Schooled: How this one kid owned me on the basketball court at my elementary school where I learned to spell

+ McCained: the story of a cerebral white female whose liberal rhetoric for change did an about-face when the maverick in her started to spread its wings

+ Chevroned: How being screwed at the pump fostered my addiction to laughing gas and ultimately my stumble towards grace

+ Foxed: One man’s journey to find fair and balanced news despite FOX News

+ McD’d: In a world of side salads and grilled chicken snack wraps, one man will fight for his right to party like a Big Mac

+ FaceSpaced: How I escaped the net using only a iPhone, a real person and a really big hammer

+ Sheoled: Where burning desire to know God meets burning piles of ancient garbage

Come back tomorrow for Part 1 of my interview with Matthew Paul Turner about the role of humor in his writing as well as in the Church. And in Churched.

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