O Me of Little Faith

People go to hell for continually calling attention to this sort of thing — and for laughing at it, as I have — but my friend Cara reminded me of it at her blog. So it’s her fault. And this video is a couple of years old, which is enough to make it elderly in Internet years, but I had to post it for your enjoyment.

Three reasons to appreciate this video:

1) People falling down = always funny.

2) I have seen a lot of people get injured doing various things, but I have never — NEVER — heard anyone make sounds like this. The noise of this lady carrying on is like a crazed basset hound being stomped to death by a donkey in heat, which is, in turn, being ridden by a bleating sheep.

3) In the entire history of awkward fake-perky newscast banter, there is no more awkward banter than those two hosts saying, “Ooooh, gosh. Looks like she’s really hurt. I hope she’s OK.” It is absolutely perfect.

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