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The Denver Post published a front-page feature a couple of days ago about my friends Tom & Dana Larson and their organization, Healing Waters International. HWI is one of my favorite humanitarian organizations and has one of the most creative […]

Here’s part two of my interview with Matthew Paul Turner about Churched and the role humor plays in his writing specifically and in the Church as a whole. If you didn’t read part one yesterday, then read it first and […]

Matthew Paul Turner’s new book Churched released last week. He’s doing a lot of blog publicity this week and I’m happy to invite him over for part of his virtual book tour. You can read what I think of Churched […]

On Friday, a few of you submitted fake book titles using “nounjectives” in the style of Matthew Paul Turner‘s new book, Churched. I promised a free signed copy of Pocket Guide to the Bible to the winner. I have my […]

This is release week for my friend Matthew Paul Turner‘s new book, Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess. Release week is always a big deal for a writer, because typically you’ll have finished the book months […]

Some of you may be aware of Buy Shoes, Save Lives, an organization I profiled about a year ago for Relevant Magazine. BSSL is now called the Preemptive Love Coalition. If you are unfamiliar with their work, they operate out […]

First, I’ll apologize up front. I know not everyone wants to read about politics on this blog. You’d rather read funny stuff and gentle religious sarcasm and blatant self-promotion about my books and writing. I understand that, so this will […]

People go to hell for continually calling attention to this sort of thing — and for laughing at it, as I have — but my friend Cara reminded me of it at her blog. So it’s her fault. And this […]

God created Adam and Eve to love him and serve him. He put them in a lovely garden. They failed to follow the one rule he gave them, so he kicked them out and closed down the garden experiment.God chose […]

If you’re new to this blog and haven’t yet commented in the Who Are You? thread (also linked in the top bar above), then please do so. Because I want to know who you are, and where you’re writing from, […]